Un Cadavre Exquis II.

When we leave here, what remains at the essence of a whole life?

Un cadavre exquis II is a work focused on finding the meeting point, the direct link with our ancestors; offering a debt of gratitude in a subtle, tentative manner which is sometimes abstract.

The absences that accompany and surround us continue to inform our daily lives even though they do not physically exist because of time or space. Pau is fascinated by surrealist art and how it interacts with the unconscious and the unspoken.

Inspired by the craft of movement and gesture in dance, this piece explores the necessity of acknowledging places, people and experiences that we continuously interact with, as the very essence of our being.

The images follow one after the other, the characters emerge. Everything is there, visible or not; tangible or not. When we leave here, what remains as the essence of a whole life?

Direction and performance: Pau Aran

Dramaturgy and co-direction: José Troncoso

Assistance: Mar Ortiz

Musical direction: Juan J. Ochoa

Lighting design: Jou Serra, Leticia López, Sergio Roca

Costume: Iban Salgado, Mariyana Stefanova

Production: Núria Aguiló

Management and Distribution: Godlive Lawani

Coproduced by Festival Dansa Metropolitana and Steptext dance project e.V.