Solo piece by Francisco Córdova based on the concept of border/identity as a set of cultural manifestations, traditions, symbols and direct and indirect contexts that lead us into an individuality or collectivity of belonging.

* Movement Without Borders Festival. Judson Memorial Church. New York 2021

* Tictac Art Centre. Brussels 2021

Idea, Concept Lighting Design: Francisco Córdova
Performer: Francisco Córdova
Scenic Advisor: David Zambrano (2022)
Costume Design: Al Mendoza
Sound Design: Manuel Estrella
Producer and Cultural Promoter: Lorena Azcona
General Production: Itzel Schnaas / Fabrica Scene S.C.
Manager (Worldwide): Godlive Lawani​
Photography: Elyse Mertz, Gabriel Ramos, Arnaud Beelen

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