12Fitfy Mb/s.

An interactive participatory dance performance.

“12Fifty Mb/s” is about the artistic examination of the topic “Big Data”.  In this interactive performance the processes of Data collection and Data privacy are being investigated.

In “12Fifty Mb/s” four international dancers search for the pillars and limits of Big Data and also address the question of how resistance can be made in the context of Big Data despite the permanent collection of data.

For the experience of the performance, a special app was developed in collaboration with the MIREVI team from the University of Applied Sciences Düsseldorf. The audience will be provided with a smartphone and the developed app. The dancers’ movements and the choreography function as raw data, which is sent to the audience’s smartphones to be converted into information. The choreography is build around three layers of technology such as Motion Capture, QR Codes and NFC Tags, each with their own personal approach and interactivity.

Contemporary dance is used to make the digital network process and the process of data collection tangible.

12Fifty Mbits - Fabien Prioville

Concept and Choreography: Fabien Prioville 
Choreographic Assitant: Azusa Seyama Prioville 
Dance: Anna Sühelya Harms, Evan Schwarz, Francesca Ciaffoni, Tijana Prendović 
Music: Otacílio Melgaço 
Light Design: Tobias Heide
Costume: Uta Meenen 
Scientific support and technical implementation: MIREVI Team of the University of Applied Sciences Düsseldorf under the supervision of Prof. Christian Geiger (Motion tracking: Ben Fisher, Niklas Tluk; App development: Alexander Giesbrecht, Calvin Huhn; Network infrastructure: Daniel Glomberg; UI design: Kim Tischer; Technical direction: Alexander Giesbrecht; Coordination: Ivana Družetić) 
Production Management: Hannah Busch  
Production Assistant: Clara Vinnemeier 
International Relations: Godlive Lawani
Management / Communication: Alexandra Schmidt 

A production of fabien prioville dance company, coproduced by tanzhaus nrw. Funded by the Ministry of Culture and Science of the State of NRW; the Cultural Office of the City of Düsseldorf; the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Innovation, Digitalisation and Energy of the state of NRW and Neustart Kultur of Performing Arts Fund.