Kernel Dance Theatre is based in Barcelona and codirected by Junyi Sun, Alma Steiner and Marina Miguel, develops its own language integrating contemporary dance, martial arts and theater.

The company was born with the aim of making the viewer reflect and discover new points of view on the contemporaneity. At national level, the company’s projects have been presented in various centers and festivals such as La Pedrera, Sismògraf, Fira Tàrrega, among others.


A dance, visual poetry and sound design performance.

LÓNG [|ˈlɒŋ| long (in English) – long / 龍 lóng (in Chinese) – dragon] is a noun which contains in itself multiple significations; it is a word whose meaning varies according to the origin and cultural context of the person who is reading it.

LÓNG centers around the figure of the dragon and is a reflection on the limits that constrain us in a society that is constantly being transformed. From dance, visual poetry and sound design, Kernel Dance Theatre presents a performance that carries the audience to a space where the boundaries between cultures are continuously cracking.