In third Person.

“Hell is the look of the other, since that “other” is actually ourself.”                                                                                            Sartre 

“En tercera persona” lets out the philosophical variables of our identity. Talking about oneself through the eyes of the other. Otherness as a demonization and dehumanization of who we are as individuals. 

*  Piece picked for the Performing Arts Meeting TANZMESSE. Dusseldorf, Germany 2018. 
*  Piece picked for the Performing Arts Meeting ENARTES of FONCA. Mexico 2016. 
*  Piece selected within the Ibero American Circuit of the Alternative Theater Circuit Spain 2016. 
*  Piece created through the Program Jóvenes Creadores 2013 – 2014. 
*  Piece supported by the Artistic Residencies in the C.C Barceloneta and San Martí in Barcelona, Spain.

Physical Momentum - En Tercera Persona

Original Idea & Creation: Francisco Córdova 
Performers: Francisco Córdova, Alfonso López, Luis Vallejo, Carlos Zamora, Maximiliano Corrales.
Scenography: Judith Colomer / Reconstruction México: Héctor Lara
Programmer | Software Engineering: Raul Mendoza
Stage Advisors: Claudia Lavista, Judith Tellez, Roberto Olivan and Lali Ayguade
Original music and sound design: Omar Córdova (Process1) / Manuel Estrella (Process 2)
Dramaturgical Advisor: José Alberto Gallardo
Light Design: Francisco Córdova
Costumes: Al Mendoza
General Production: Itzel Schnaas / Fabrica Escena S.C. 
Executive Production and Technical Managing: Arturo Cruz 
Executive Producer and Cultural Promoter: Lorena Azcona 
Co-Production: Physical Momentum & Fabrica Escena S.C. 
Manager Physical Momentum (Worldwide): Godlive Lawani
 Photos: Gabriel Ramos, Emmanuel Adamez, Ogamifam