Un cadavre exquis.

…If there were a journey after death, what would it look like? The second half of a full circle? What remains as the essence of a whole life?


‘Un cadavre exquis’, a dance solo by Pau Aran, refers to a playful method developed by the Surrealists that gives room to chance in the creation of works of art and thus challenges the viewer’s power of interpretation.

The long-time dancer of the Pina Bausch Ensemble is fascinated by the art of the surrealists to interact with the unconscious and unspoken and to deal with phenomena beyond reality…

Pau Aran’s movements communicate with every fibre, drawing the dance as body poetry whose richness of expression words can only inadequately depict.

Nothing on stage, simple lights, naked, empty, not a curated space yet a space that has the feeling of being taken care of.

Leaving only the craft of dance and gesture to communicate what cannot be spoken.