because i love the diversity

(this micro-attitude, we have all it)

Dance Theatre.

A random encounter with a camera on the streets of Tallinn, Estonia made choreographer and dancer Rakesh Sukesh a momentary poster boy for a right wing news channel’s campaign against immigration from Asia and Africa.

What happens to his body when it is rendered into a viral, racist symbol? How does it affect him, and his relationship to the mostly white, deeply loving artists and students he works with?

In because i love the diversity Rakesh tells the story of his own journey through the powerful semi-improvisational, trance- like movement technique that makes him such an in-demand teacher across the world.

What does it mean to make a performance about this for an art festival, which is part of a scene that has only very recently begun to show interest in his work, precisely because of the kind of racism he encountered in Tallinn?

Direction/Choreography/Concept/Performed: Rakesh Sukesh
Dramaturge/Aesthetic Adviser/Choreographic Assistant/ Set design: In collaboration with Alessia Luna Wyss
Text/acting coach/text dramaturge: Marcus Youssef
Music: Pol Sinus
Costume: Mat Voorter
Executive manager: Louise Mestrallet
Management/Distribution/Tour manager: Godlive Lawani – Stane Performing Arts Management
Content writer: Gabriela Jimenez
Video recorded and edited:
Shruti Maria Datar
Carolina Baus

This production was commissioned by Push Festival Vancouver 
Belgium supporters of this work are PARTS Summer Studio, Ultima Vez, Tictac Art Center, Zinnema, Company THOR, En Archipel Association, and Kunstenfestivaldesarts
The European support is ROPA-Spain and Tanzhaus Zurich
Special Thanks to Deltebre
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